Chameleon Skylights and Sunrooms

We can convert your existing patio into a sunroom !


Chameleon Skylights offer domestic and commercial skylights that provide another economical alternative, allowing natural light to penetrate the dark areas in your environment.

These skylights are ideal for bathrooms, stairwells, atriums, kitchens and entrance halls.

See the light with Chameleon Skylights!


The standard skylights we offer are pyramid shape, domes and flat glazed units.

The custom made skylights Chameleon Skylights can offer you are pyramids, vaults, ridge pyramids, round domes, walkways, sloped glaze and patio covers.

We have the bullnose and quarter vault which can be designed to fit into any structure, such as steel, timber or masonry.

The sloped glaze is an aluminium structural arch to suit the spanning capability. The clamp fitted on with self tapping stainless steel screws, create a totally leakproof system. They are fitted with a rubber sealer for a smooth thermal expansion and contraction of the glazing material. The material available is acrylic, glass and polycarbonate. It is available in a choice of colours  such as clear, opal or tint, to allow solar energy control through the various light and thermal transmissions.

Our skylights can allow for ventilations systems (not available in round units) - there is the louvre type which is fitted onto the aluminium base frame and allows airflow on four sides. This airflow can be permanent or controlled manually by a sliding shutter. Another system is the hinged system which is available with an electrical or manual opening mechanism.